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Safe and controlled from the spring to the bottle

Excellent table water

Tests carried out at a laboratory in Genoa in 1908 decreed the total absence of nitrites and ammonia compounds in Calizzano's water, identifying it as one of the finest table waters available.


Extraordinarily pure

Bacteriological analyses performed in 1913 ascertained the extraordinary purity of Calizzano's springs, which is safeguarded by suitably sealed steel aqueducts.


Ideal for infants

In 2007, after meticulous testing at a children's hospital in Milan, Calizzano Mineral Water was recognised by the Ministry of Health as ideal for use in the nutrition of infants.

Chemical and physical-chemical testing

Department of Analytical Chemistry, University of Turin.

Dry residue at 180°C

43,4 mg/L

Total hardness

1,7° F

pH at source

7,0 pH

Conductivity at 20° C

59,0 µS/cm

Free CO2 at source

3,0 mg/L

Sodium Na+

3,7 mg/L


22,0 mg/L


11,6 mg/L


6,1 mg/L


3,0 mg/L


2,1 mg/L


1,0 mg/L

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The answers to some of the most frequently asked questions

Definitely. The Ministry of Health has certified Calizzano Mineral Water as suitable for children.

No, this is forbidden by law and against our principles. The mineral water is channelled through sterile stainless steel pipes (which do not alter its properties) and arrives in the bottle without any intervention.

Yes. Calizzano Mineral Water relies heavily on the home delivery service to relieve the customer from carrying heavy packaging home from the supermarket and to respect the environment, as glass is a completely reusable material.

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