The story of a

The local people have known about the qualities of the water from the Bauda Springs for centuries. Its distinctive freshness, its particular lightness and its ability to stimulate the appetite and diuresis prompted Angelo Nan and Augusto Ghigliazza to make the decision, in the 1950s, to bring Fonti Bauda water to everyone’s table.
The first plant was opened in 1961 and, with the founding of the “Acqua Minerale di Calizzano” company, the bottling programme began. This would soon allow everyone to enjoy this unique water, capable of satisfying the needs of everyone, from babies to adults, at home.
In 1962, the Ministry of Health recognised Fonti Bauda water as mineral water and within months the first bottle was filled.

"Our company has been one big family
and a resource for the community
for over sixty years"

The new
production line

At first, the water of Calizzano was delivered exclusively to the homes of local residents. Today, the company is present in most of the north of Italy and boasts a production of 40 million bottles a year, destined also to the international market.

To cope with such an increase in demand, the company has invested in the construction of a new bottling line dedicated exclusively to glass. Being fully automated and making use of the most sophisticated and innovative technologies and machinery, it has replaced the original production line, resulting in optimal management of the entire bottling process.


Mr. Angelo NAN

Chief Executive Officer
Head of Italian Sales

Mr. Paolo NAN

Plant Manager

Mr. Pier Paolo GALLEA

Head of Marketing
Public Relations


The answers to some of the most frequently asked questions

Definitely. The Ministry of Health has certified Calizzano Mineral Water as suitable for children.

No, this is forbidden by law and against our principles. The mineral water is channelled through sterile stainless steel pipes (which do not alter its properties) and arrives in the bottle without any intervention.

Yes. Calizzano Mineral Water relies heavily on the home delivery service to relieve the customer from carrying heavy packaging home from the supermarket and to respect the environment, as glass is a completely reusable material.

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