Why drink

Find out why drinking the right amount of water is essential for your physical and psychological well-being.

Drinking is ESSENTIAL

Water is a very important component of all the physiological processes and biochemical reactions that take place in our bodies.

Drinking is HEALTHY

It is essential to hydrate properly from childhood onwards, to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Drinking enhances your MOOD

Proper hydration facilitates the flow of hormones and nutrients, which promote the release of endorphins.

Drinking keeps your TEMPERATURE constant

Drinking regularly helps the body maintain a stable temperature of around 36°C. This function of water becomes even more important after physical activity, which causes dehydration and the body to cool down.


Water eliminates toxins and waste materials that accumulate in the body.

Drinking improves CONCENTRATION

Drinking the right amount of water on a regular basis helps reduce fatigue and improves attention and cognitive abilities.

Drinking stimulates your METABOLISM

Proper hydration helps the body metabolise fat and burn calories, as well as regulating the appetite.

Drinking helps with SPORT

Drinking the right amount of water energises the muscles, reduces fatigue, prevents cramps and sprains and helps replenish fluids lost during physical activity.

Drinking relaxes the MIND

Dehydration is one of the most common causes of headaches, especially when tired or fatigued. Good for the brain thanks to its qualities, Fonti Bauda mineral water is certified “Brain food”.

Drinking is good for the SKIN

Drinking regularly invigorates the skin cells and promotes their renewal, leaving your complexion glowing and your face looking younger.


The answers to some of the most frequently asked questions

Definitely. The Ministry of Health has certified Calizzano Mineral Water as suitable for children.

No, this is forbidden by law and against our principles. The mineral water is channelled through sterile stainless steel pipes (which do not alter its properties) and arrives in the bottle without any intervention.

Yes. Calizzano Mineral Water relies heavily on the home delivery service to relieve the customer from carrying heavy packaging home from the supermarket and to respect the environment, as glass is a completely reusable material.

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