In 2018, Acqua Minerale di Calizzano launched the “Plastic Free” awareness campaign, which has enabled it to significantly reduce its use of plastics.

Do you know why it is necessary to minimise the use of plastics?

Although plastic is a lightweight material suitable for many uses, it is causing an increasing amount of pollution that even the most industrialised countries are struggling to cope with.

450 million tonnes of plastic are produced every year
About 40% of the plastics produced every year are disposable plastics, meaning they are thrown away after only one use.
Plastics containing additives are even stronger than normal and it is estimated that it can take 400 years for them to break down.

Do you know what happens to the plastic that end up in the oceans?

Plastic in the sea is broken down by the sun, wind and waves into particles measuring less than half a centimetre in length called “microplastics”. Microplastics are then broken down into smaller and smaller pieces, which are assimilated by fish and dispersed into the air, becoming impossible to recover.

About 8 million tonnes of plastic waste ends up in the oceans every year.
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Greenpeace estimates that only 1% of plastic in the seas floats on the surface, with 5% ending up on beaches and 94% settling on the seabed.
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As many as 700 different species have experienced problems with plastic pollution.
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Mindful of this, Acqua Minerale di Calizzano has decided to focus on and invest in glass, a completely recyclable material that can be reused.

After carefully checking and sanitising the glass bottles, the Company reuses them several times.

The Company is also committed to recycling all production waste: glass, paper, plastic and aluminium are correctly disposed of, helping to respect the environment.

Glass also allows better conservation of the water, because:

  • It preserves the properties of the liquids it contains;

  • It preserves their freshness, effervescence and nutritional values;

  • It does not absorb;

  • It releases no substances;

  • It is a high-quality material.

OUR photovoltaic SYSTEM

To contribute to the protection of the environment, in 2011 Acqua Minerale di Calizzano installed a photovoltaic system of about 450 kWp covering 80% of the roofs of the plant. This guarantees about 60% of the company’s energy requirements, preventing the emission of 300 t of CO2 into the atmosphere every year.


The answers to some of the most frequently asked questions

Definitely. The Ministry of Health has certified Calizzano Mineral Water as suitable for children.

No, this is forbidden by law and against our principles. The mineral water is channelled through sterile stainless steel pipes (which do not alter its properties) and arrives in the bottle without any intervention.

Yes. Calizzano Mineral Water relies heavily on the home delivery service to relieve the customer from carrying heavy packaging home from the supermarket and to respect the environment, as glass is a completely reusable material.

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