The answers to all the most frequently asked questions.


Is the Calizzano mineral water suitable for feeding children?

Certainly, Calizzano mineral water, originating from the fresh Fonti Bauda spring, is suited for feeding children and this characteristic has been certified by the Ministry of Health.

Is the bottled water filtered or treated during its production process?

Absolutely not, it is a practice forbidden by the law and against our principles. The mineral water is channelled in sterile pipes made of stainless steel (which does not alter its properties) and the water reaches the bottle without any intervention.

Can I get the mineral water bottles delivered directly to my home?

The Calizzano Mineral Water bets a lot on the home delivery for two main reasons. The first one is to give an additional service to the client and to relieve him/her from carrying heavy packages from the supermarkets to home; the second one is for environmental reasons: the water in glass bottles is more environmentally friendly, because the glass can be fully re-utilized (after having been fully cleaned and sterilized).

How can I get the mineral water home-delivered in glass bottles?

It is sufficient to call the closest distributor and ask for it; you can find the list of the distributors of the Calizzano Mineral Water sorted by province in the distribution area.