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50 years of quality

How was the Calizzano Water born?


In the early fifties Mr Angelo Nan and Mr Augusto Ghigliazza had the idea to bring this mineral water on everyone's table. Therefore, in 1957 they started to test the water of the Fonti Bauda spring at the Institute of Medical Pathology of the Genoa University and, after over a year it was concluded that: “It is mainly indicated in the treatment of the kidney stones… and it has been remarked that the people who suffered from this illness had a very evident benefit from this treatment. I consider that it is also indicated in the daily diet for its low salt contents. It also has all the characteristics of an excellent table water.”
Finally, in 1961, after about fifty years from the first analyses, studies and trials, the bottling program was started with the establishment of the company “Acqua Minerale di Calizzano S.p.A.”. This allow bringing in everyone’s home this natural element which the Calizzano mountains have so well mixed with the various elements, so to make the Fonti Bauda spring mineral water able to satisfy the needs of our body, from a new-born to the adult. Unluckily, Mr Angelo Nan, could not see his dream, to which he had dedicated a lot of time, come true since he suddenly passed away in 1959.

In March 1962, the Fonti Bauda spring water was recognized as “mineral water” by the Ministry of Health and the first bottle was capped in the following months.